Student Experiences

The Region V Public Health Training Center (RVPHTC) seeks to advance the skills of the current and future public health workforce to improve population health outcomes. We support students in two types of field experiences taking place across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin: 

  • Field Placements
    • Individual students
    • Projects done with a public health organization located in or serving a medically underserved community
    • Builds organizational capacity to address social determinants of health
  • Collaborative Projects
    • Projects are similar in type and setting as field placement projects
    • Involve individual or groups of students
    • Include faculty involvement

The scope of both field placements and collaborative projects should be substantial enough to take several months to complete. For MPH students at CEPH-accredited institutions, it is possible that these activities could help fulfill their Applied Practice Experience requirement. Either type of experience might also fulfill an internship requirement per their institution’s guidelines.

A $3,500 stipend is included upon acceptance into the program and will be paid in two installments of $1,750.

Sample Projects
  • Health Education
  • Community Health Assessments
  • Impact of Policy on Health
  • COVID-19 Epidemiology
  • Program Evaluation
  • Client Support; Support Groups
  • Health Communications
  • Grant Writing
  • Needs Assessments
  • Research Projects: Policies, Client Relationships, etc.

I chose to study Public Health because I saw how much a person’s health is affected by their environment. If we have the means to prevent an illness, we must implement such prevention.

Gabriela, Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health: IUPUI

Hoosier Environmental Council

My field placement…provided me insight on what it is like to collaborate on professional teams and how to critique and adapt evaluation methods with a place-based approach to fit vulnerable populations’ needs. It challenged me to reflect on my leadership style and how to communicate my thoughts effectively in public health settings. As I received mentoring and supervision from public health professionals it reaffirmed what strengths I have as a public health professional student and led me to assess areas of future development. The Region V Public Health Training Center provided meaningful content and information that not only helped me prepare for my applied practice, but connect with other students and understand what experiences we all are navigating as upcoming public health professionals.

Cassandra, University of Minnesota

University of MN Extension Center for Family Development

I am extremely interested in helping others, as well as human behavior. The public health field allows me to bring these two passions together to be able to have an impact on something bigger than myself. The Community of Practice gave me an opportunity to interact and learn from other individuals studying public health in addition to those who are already experts in the field.

Zachary, The Ohio State University

Nordonia High School