Public Health Model Job Descriptions Project

The Public Health Model Job Descriptions Project is an initiative of the Region V Public Health Training Center at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and the Center for Public Health Systems at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. Together, we have created evidence-based job descriptions and attractive job postings that can be easily adapted by local and state health departments. This project was led by Heather Krasna, PhD, MS, EdM, co-author of the book 101+ Careers in Public Health, 3rd Edition, and a public health workforce consultant and researcher.

These job descriptions and postings are meant as a starting point for health departments that are aiming to update existing descriptions or ensure their job descriptions are attractive to new candidates. Local or state health departments should work with their HR or civil service department to ensure the job matches a job analysis of the position and to ensure they are listing the essential functions of the role.

A job description is an internal document used by human resources departments and hiring managers to provide a detailed description of the purpose of the job, the key tasks to be conducted, and the job requirements.

A job posting is an externally-facing marketing document meant to attract qualified candidates to apply for the job.

The templates are meant as a recruitment job aid but not as a substitute for health departments conducting their own job analysis, working with their HR departments, etc. These job descriptions are not meant to replace those efforts nor should they be construed as representing HR compliance guidelines. 

To access the Public Health Model Job Descriptions Project, you will be asked to please complete this brief form. After submitting the form, you will be able to access a link to download all of the job descriptions and the corresponding job postings for each position. 


Jobs Included in this Project:

Administrative Assistant Community Health Worker Data Analyst Deputy Director Disease Intervention Specialist Emergency Preparedness Director
Environmental Engineer Epidemiologist Grants Manager Health Educator Health Equity Coordinator Health or Medical Assistant
Human Resources Specialist Informatics Specialist Laboratory Scientist or Laboratorian Mental Health Counselor Policy Analyst Public Health Accreditations Specialist
Public Health Director Public Health Nurse Public Health Planner Public Health Program Manager Public Information Officer or Communications Director Sanitarian or Environmental Health Specialist


Additional Resource:

Citation: Krasna, H. (2022). Public Health Job Descriptions. Region V Public Health Training Center & Center for Public Health Systems.

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