Region V Public Health Training Center

Publishing as a Practitioner

We partnered with JPHMP Direct and the APHA Health Administration Section for this webinar series.

Resources for COVID-19

Browse our resource hub to find the right information to fit your needs.

Community-Driven Health Impact Assessments

This live webinar features representatives from a local health department, community-based organization, and university who collaborated along with others to conduct a health impact assessment in Detroit, Michigan.

Plan to Plan: Strategic Planning Series

A four-part webinar series to assist public health agencies with making a plan-to-plan (P2P) for writing a strategic plan.

For Students

Our Community of Practice offers students unique opportunities to learn public health from local leaders.

The Region V Public Health Training Center (RVPHTC) seeks to advance the skills of the current and future public health workforce to improve population health outcomes. Part of the Public Health Learning Network (PHLN), the RVPHTC develops online and in-person trainings on a variety of public health topics.

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